“The painting remind you of the oriental mystique but they are created by a brush that is accidental.

Hungarian painter Katalin Ubornyak, on a two-years stay in India to studyits culture, is deeply into Indian art and philosophy and it shows in her work …Her love for Indian philosophy is visually translated in her painting. The serene Buddha, the sedate Ganesh and the swarthy Krishna – all show up in one frame  or the other. … Two of her pastel drawings, a beaver gnawing at blade of wild plant and a head of a boy sleeping are neatly down in sensitive blue display her talent.”


23 April, 1993



The pencil and pastel portraits of Katalin Ubornyak from Hungary (AIFACS) attest to her craft competence, her impressions of India show that she has fallen in love with this life and legends. …

The HIndustan Times

Krishna Chaitanya

April 25, 1993



Katalin’s paintings are a natural or mystic encounter one trace its condensation and gestures to arrive on the other side among the barren blue tree of Europe and landscapes of India. … Her subject varies but she mainly highlights aesthetic beauty. Her works are neat and disciplined. Of course, her art is different, or rather quite personal.  … A painting of sunken body with only  the face of a man coming out is a serious study. As the artist has studied yoga, she mostly transforms mudras in the faces.

Evining News

March 5, 1993