Clouds on the Sky

Glastonbury 2019

Saturday 29th of June – Sunday 8th of July

“Located in the heart of a historic town in the picturesque county of Somerset, Glastonbury Galleries is an established gallery and picture framing business. Taught by her father (the artist John Morland) Ruth then took over the picture framing side of the business 25 years ago. During this time she qualified as a Guild Commended Framer and the business has developed a reputation of providing a dynamic and trustworthy service to its customers.”

Ripley Art Centre 2018

“Clouds on the Sky”


The paintings are between abstract and neo-surrealism in this exhibition, symbolising the human mind or personality. We standing in front of the blue sky, but we identify ourselves with the clouds. This clouds will show up different human nature, because the unique combination of the air and the Sun and how they can cover the blue sky.


Beckenham Place Park, 2018

Glades, Bromley – 2018

Horniman Museum  2017 and 2018

Bromley Library 2016


Katalin Ubornyak – 6th January to 29th January 2010

Katalin Ubornyak – Ludasto

6th January to 29th January 2010
Open eve 7th January 7-9pm

Ludasto (Hansakunda),means Swan-lake, Ludasto is found in the heart of Hungary’s country side. In this area families lived far a way from each other, on farms in the past. Many of them left their properties and lands or sold them after post world war decades. The exhibition is about this Holy Place. I would like to show you the mysteries of the forest, the fields, the trees and the sky that is full of holiness.


Nehru Centre London, 2006



1993 HICC – New Delhi – India

1993 AIFACS – New Delhi India

1994 Jain Gallery – New Delhi – India

1994 Jangpura Gallery – New Delhi – India

1996 Művelődési ház, Törökbálint , Hungary

1997 Művelődési ház, Ladánybene, Hungary

2001 Kecskemét Liga Könyvtár, Hungary

2002 Lajosmizse Művelődési ház, Hungary

2003 Győr Művelődési ház, Hungary

2006 Nehru Centre, London, UK

2010 Bromley Art Centre, London, UK

2018 Repley Art Centre, London, UK


1995 Workshop and exhibition Delhi Gallery, India

1995 Auction for Tibet and exhibition, New Delhi, India

1999 Lajosmizse Workshop and exhibition, Hungary

2000 Lajosmizse Workshop and exhibition, Hungary

2000 Exhibition in Vienna, Austria

2016 Bromley Library, London, UK

2016 Stanley Hall, London, UK

2017 Horniman Museum, London, UK

2017 Ripley Art Gallery, London, LUK

2018 Horniman Museum, London, UK

2018 Ripley Art Centre, London, UK

2018 Glades Bromley, London, UK